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Company Registration as a PLC (Private Limited Company)

Register your company in Zimbabwe as a PLC (private limited company).
plc registration

  • Choose which timeframe you want 5-10 day or 12-20 day.
  • If you plan on opening a company bank account make sure you choose the ZIMRA registration & letter.
  • If you want a share certificate for each shareholder please choose this option (Price is $10 per certificate).
  • Choose Tax clearance if you want us to apply for a BP number and tax clearance from ZIMRA for you.

(Please choose the quantity and items you want together with your registration and click ‘Submit Order & Make Payment’ at the bottom)


company registration Company type: PLC  (timeframe: 5 to 10 working days timeframe) US$180.00
company registration Company type: PLC  (timeframe: 12 to 20 working days timeframe) US$130.00
company registration Share certificates - per shareholder (mandatory according to the law) US$10.00
company registration Filling of tax registration forms (needed for opening a company bank account) US$20.00
company registration ZIMRA Tax Clearance certificate (ITF263) Processing (needed to prove tax compliance and to avoid 10% from being deducted from invoices) US$50.00

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