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Company Registration in Zimbabwe

Register your company as a PBC for $70 or PLC for $250

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Register your business in Zimbabwe

Register your business in Zimbabwe as a PBC (Private Business Corporation) or PLC (Private Limited Company). We have helped many entrepreneurs to successfully register their companies in just 12 working days.

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Company registration information and tools

advantages of a PBC

Advantages & features of a PBC

An in-depth analysis of the advantages and features of PBCs (Private Business Corporations).

advantages of a PLC

Advantages & features of a PLC

An in-depth analysis of the advantages and features of a Private Limited Company (PLC).

differences between pbc plc

Differences between a PBC & a Pvt Ltd

If you are wondering what the differences between a PBC and a PLC are, this side by side comparison should come in handy.

zimra itf263 tax clearance

ZIMRA ITF263 tax clearance

All the information you need about what a tax clearance certificate is, why you need it and the requirements for getting one.

Advantages of registering a company as a PBC or a PLC


Offers limited liability

A company has limited liability and it can sue and be sued in its own name. If the business’ assets are attached over debt this will not affect the owners’ personal assets.


Business continuity

When you do business as an individual, your business dies with you. Registering a business ensures the continuity of your business beyond just you as a person.

Compete for big business

Competing in business as an individual is not easy. The only way to level the playing field is to be a registered company. That way you can effectively compete with the big guys.

Participate in tenders

Both government and commercial tenders require company papers as one of the conditions for participation. That means only registered companies are able to get tenders.

starting a business

How to start your own business in Zimbabwe

Have you ever looked at the big companies like Amazon, Google, eBay, Alibaba or Facebook? They are multi-billion dollar corporates that make you and your dreams look like a speck of dust. These companies are the envy of most entrepreneurs. It may surprise you to learn...
why you should register a company

Why should i register a company?

So often people ask the question 'Do i really need to register my business?' . While at face value it seems registering a company is not a necessity, years of research has proven that it is indeed important. In fact, your success in business may actually depend on it....

Ready to register your company?

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Don’t wait until its too late to register your business.

People lose important business opportunities daily simply because they are not registered. Most companies will not work with a business that is not registered. Imagine that you have pitched your product and the client is interested. You have invested a lot of time and resources to win this client and they are now ready to make an order. But before they do they need your company documents first. Sounds familiar? It is. Don’t let that be you, register your company today!

requirements for registration

The requirements for company registration (PBC or PLC)

The requirements for registering a business in Zimbabwe are as follows:

  • 1 to 4 proposed names for your company, these need to be submitted in order of priority. So you start with the name you want the most and then list the rest ending with the one you want the very least.
  • The core business of the PBC or PLC. These will be the main objects of the company.
  • The full names and ID numbers of between 1 to 20 members for a PBC. These will serve as the shareholders and directors of the Private Business Corporation. This is equivalent to the CR14 on the Private Limited Company. In a PBC this goes on the Statement of Incorporation.
  • The full names and ID numbers of at least 1 shareholder for a PLC. These will serve as the shareholders or owners of the Private Limited Company. In addition to the shareholders, a Private Limited Company requires at least 2 directors. These can be the same as the shareholders or they can be employess. The shareholders go in the Articles of Association and the directors go on the CR14.
  • Each members interest or stake or share in the PBC or PLC. The total interest of all the members combined must be 100% in a PBC.
  • Physical and postal address of the business. In a PBC this goes on the Statement of Incorporation and in a Private Limited Company it goes on the CR6.
  • Each member of the PBC must sign the Incorporation Statement before the Registrar affixes his seal, stamp and signature. In a PLC the shareholders must sign and state the number of shares they are taking in the Articles of Association.
  • A budget of $70 for the basic PBC registration and up to $260 if you get optional member certificates, PBC by-laws, ZIMRA bank opening letter and ZIMRA ITF263 tax clearance certificate. A budget of $250 for the basic PLC registration up to $420 if you get optional member certificates, ZIMRA bank opening letter and ZIMRA ITF263 tax clearance certificate.
procedure for company registration

PBC and PLC Registration Procedure

The procedure for registering a company in Zimbabwe generally follows two steps:

Stage 1: Name search

A request is made to the Registrar of Companies office for a search to be made in the Register of Companies. The following is applicable at the name search stage:

  • The purpose of an application for reservation of name is to get the authority of the Registrar to use a particular name.
  • If the Registrar approves your application to reserve a name, he will reserve that name for you for a period of 30 days to enable you to register your PBC or PLC. He will not allow any other person to register that name during that period.
  • You are advised to give four names in your application so that if one name is not accepted, another one may be. You should list the names in order of preference.
  • The Registrar will not accept a name which is similar to that of another PLC or PBC, or is likely to mislead the public or is indecent.

The Registrar will give a written notice of whether any of your names were accepted or if they were rejected. This process takes 3 to 6 working days.

Stage 2: Registration of PBC / PLC and appointment of members or directors.

After your name has been successfully reserved, the documentation for the registration of the PBC or PLC must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. This process involves the appointment of members (shareholders/directors) of the PBC. Each member is assigned a percentage of ownership in the PBC. The total percentage for all members must add up to 100%. For a PLC this will be appointment of shareholders, directors and a company secretary.

The Registrar will then register the PBC or PLC and assign to it a registration number. The Registrar will put his seal, his stamp and his signature to the PBC Incorporation Statement to signify its authenticity. For a PLC the Registrar will issue a Certificate of Incorporation and affix his signature and stamp on the Articles of Association, Memorandum, CR6 and CR14. The PBC or PLC is also entered into the Company registry and becomes searchable in the Registrar’s database. This process takes 3 to 6 working days.

About Company Registrations: Frequently Asked Questions

Definitions: What does PBC or PLC mean?
PBC stands for Private Business Corporation and PLC stands for Private Limited Company.
Should i register a PBC or a PLC?

A PBC (Private Business Corporation) is meant mainly for small to medium operations. It is good for those who don’t want the high fees associated with registering and maintaining a PLC (PLCs pay annual returns and consultants usually charge $60/year). A PBC is also ideal if you have less than 20 shareholders or you want to be a sole trader. You cannot register as a PBC if you want to register a pharmacy or a micro-finance company since the requirements of the MCAZ or the RBZ don’t accommodate a PBC.

How come i have never heard of the PBC?
The PBC has been around for quite a while. The PBC Act dates back to 1993. The reason why its not popular is because most consultants generally don’t want to market it because it doesn’t bring as much revenue as the PLC which costs $300 on average.
Why is the PBC cheaper to register?
The PBC is a lot cheaper to register as it is government’s attempt to formalize the informal sector. It’s also specifically designed for small to medium businesses hence the attempt to reduce the price to accommodate smaller businesses who cannot afford the higher costs of registering a PLC. Not only is a PBC cheaper to register, it’s also cheaper and easier to maintain. It has no annual returns and laws that govern it are pretty straight-forward.
How many directors can a PBC have?
A PBC allows for between 1 to 20 directors. That means you can have a minimum of just 1 director and a maximum of 20 directors.
Can a sole trader register as a PBC?
Yes they can. A PBC allows for a minimum of 1 director/ member or shareholder. This means you can register a PBC and be the sole owner in it.
Where can i download the PBC Act?

The PBC is governed by the Private Business Corporation (Chapter 24:11) of 1993. You can download the Act here or from the Parliament of Zimbabwe website at  or at the Department of Companies & Intellectual Property.

Can a PBC register for tax and get a tax clearance certificate?

Yes it can! In fact, a PBC can do pretty much anything a PLC can do. A PBC can register for tax purposes with ZIMRA, apply for a tax clearance certificate and VAT registration.

Can i open a bank account with a PBC?

Definitely! The PBC is as much a binding and legal document as the PLC. After all, it’s called a Private Business CORPORATION. On top of that it’s established by a national act of Parliament (i don’t know of any wise bank that wants to fight against the government under which it operates). It’s also important to note that both the PBC and the PLC are registered by the same government office (the Department of Companies & Intellectual Property).

What if i want to change my PBC to a PLC?

That is possible. In fact, you can convert a PBC to a PLC and a PLC to a PBC. You do so without the need to change your company name, except for the PBC or Pvt Ltd at the end.

Can a PBC apply for tenders?

Definitely. A PBC can do pretty much anything that a PLC can do.

Do i get CR6, CR14, Memorandum and Articles of Association?

No. In a PBC you get what is called a Certificate & Statement of Incorporation. This document contains the same details as are in the CR6 and CR14. CR6 specifies the address of the business and CR14 specifies who the directors of the company are. So whenever a bank, company or stakeholder requests for your CR6 or CR14, simply provide them with your Certificate & Statement of Incorporation. The memorandum and articles of association are for internal use and govern the relationship of  the shareholders in a company. The equivalent in a PBC is a document called ‘a bylaw’. This is an optional document but you can have it drafted  for your PBC if you prefer.

I have another company i own, can it own shares in my PBC?

Unfortunately it cannot. Only individuals are allowed to be members or shareholders in a Private Business Corporation.

Sample PBC Incorporation Statement

sample company registration papers
sample company registration papers

Ready to register your company?

Begin the company registration process by providing your details and making your payment online or at our offices. ecocash, telecash and bank trasfer

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