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Register your business in Zimbabwe as a PBC (Private Business Corporation) or PLC (Private Limited Company). We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully register their companies.

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Why we are your best choice for company registration

We want to be your partners in helping you start your business.

accredited company registration consultants

Registered Consultants

We are registered consultants with the DCIP (Registrar of Companies) guaranteeing that your  company documentation is prepared properly and by a company with a traceable record.

professional service

Professional Service

Angel & Walt is a professional consulting firm built on the values of exceptional customer service and reliability. We want to be a partner with you in starting and growing your business to success

genuine company registration

100% Genuine Papers

We don’t take shortcuts, we process your company the legal way. We guarantee that every company registered through us is 100% genuine and you can easily verify this soon after registration.

guaranteed results

Guaranteed Results

We have never failed to complete a registration! Our track record is backed by thousands of clients whom we have assisted in starting their businesses. We have no intention of changing that record.

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Company registration information and tools

advantages of a PBC

Advantages & features of a PBC

An in-depth analysis of the advantages and features of PBCs (Private Business Corporations).

advantages of a PLC

Advantages & features of a PLC

An in-depth analysis of the advantages and features of a Private Limited Company (PLC).

differences between pbc plc

Differences between a PBC & a Pvt Ltd

If you are wondering what the differences between a PBC and a PLC are, this side by side comparison should come in handy.

zimra itf263 tax clearance

ZIMRA ITF263 tax clearance

All the information you need about what a tax clearance certificate is, why you need it and the requirements for getting one.

Advantages of registering a company as a PBC or a PLC


Offers limited liability

A company has limited liability and it can sue and be sued in its own name. If the business’ assets are attached over debt this will not affect the owners’ personal assets.


Business continuity

When you do business as an individual, your business dies with you. Registering a business ensures the continuity of your business beyond just you as a person.

Compete for big business

Competing in business as an individual is not easy. The only way to level the playing field is to be a registered company. That way you can effectively compete with the big guys.

Participate in tenders

Both government and commercial tenders require company papers as one of the conditions for participation. That means only registered companies are able to get tenders.

starting a business

How to start your own business in Zimbabwe

Have you ever looked at the big companies like Amazon, Google, eBay, Alibaba or Facebook? They are multi-billion dollar corporates that make you and your dreams look like a speck of dust. These companies are the envy of most entrepreneurs. It may surprise you to learn...
why you should register a company

Why should i register a company?

So often people ask the question 'Do i really need to register my business?' . While at face value it seems registering a company is not a necessity, years of research has proven that it is indeed important. In fact, your success in business may actually depend on it....

Don’t wait until its too late to register your business.

People lose important business opportunities daily simply because they are not registered. Most companies will not work with a business that is not registered. Imagine that you have pitched your product and the client is interested. You have invested a lot of time and resources to win this client and they are now ready to make an order. But before they do they need your company documents first. Sounds familiar? It is. Don’t let that be you, register your company today!

Ready to register your company?

Begin the company registration process by providing your details and making your payment online or at our offices. registration payment options

Procedure For Company Registration

Step 1:
Submit Application & Make Payment

Submit an application form and make payment here or at our offices.

Step 2:
Verification and Name Search

We verify your application and apply for name search and reservation.

Step 3:
Document Preparation & Submission

We prepare all the documents required by law for registration.

Step 4:
Sign company papers

All the shareholders sign the prepared documents and send us the physical papers. We then submit these for registration.

Step 5:
Registration Process Completed

Collect your company papers from our offices or have them shipped to an address of your choice.

Requirements For Company Registration


4 unique proposed business names (abbreviations are not allowed)


Nationality, ID numbers and addresses of the shareholders


Zimbabwean physical and postal address of business


Nationality, ID numbers and addresses of the directors. At least 1 should be Zimbabwean


The company core business activities


The registration fee for the type of company you want to register

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