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Tax Consultancy in Zimbabwe

Get help with ZIMRA registration, Tax returns & Tax clearance

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Become tax compliant & get tax clearance in Zimbabwe

Paying tax is mandatory in Zimbabwe for both PBC and PLC companies. Our tax consultancy services help you register for taxes, obtain a BP number, submit tax returns and get a tax clearance certificate.

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Here is what our tax consultancy services can do for you:

Our tax consultancy services help you focus on your core business while we do the heavy lifting for you, enabling your company to become and remain tax compliant in Zimbabwe.

ZIMRA & BP number registration

We help you register for taxes with ZIMRA and obtain a BP or business partner number (tax number) for your company.

PAYE & QPD tax returns and submissions

We calculate your tax due to ZIMRA and submit monthly and annual PAYE returns and also quarterly and annual income tax returns on your behalf.

Bank opening tax clearance

Zimbabwean banks are required by law to open a bank account only for companies with tax clearance. We help facilitate this for you.

ZIMRA ITF263 tax clearance

We help you obtain a valid tax clearance certificate from ZIMRA as proof of tax compliance and for ease of doing business.

Advantages of tax registration and compliance for your PBC or PLC


Avoid 10% withholding on invoices

The Income Tax Act mandates tax registered companies to withhold 10% of invoice amounts above $1000 when a supplier does not have tax clearance.


Peace with the tax collector

Tax evasion is a crime and can get both the company and it’s directors into serious problems. Being tax compliant means you can do business in peace.

Good corporate citizenship

Tax payment is one of the ways in which a company can contribute to the development of the country. Taxes are meant to maintain and develop our country’s economy.

Participate in government tenders

Government and most commercial tenders require tax clearance as one of the conditions for participation. That means only tax compliant companies are able to get such tenders.

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ITF263 Tax clearance certificate in Zimbabwe

Everyone who has been in business for sometime has had to add a few words to their vocabulary. One of those words is tax clearance. There are several types of tax clearances available but this article will focus only on ITF263 for income and employee tax. What is a...

Tax consultancy prices

The price for our tax consultancy services depend on a number of factors. To get an actual price please request a quotation below. For a newly registered company with no tax penalties the prices are as below:

ZIMRA Registration

ZIMRA registration, BP number application and bank advice note (letter for opening a bank account)

Tax Returns & Submissions

Preparation and submission of monthly & annual PAYE returns and quarterly & annual QPD (income tax) returns. Comes with free annual tax clearance.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting

Monthly bookkeeping service for all business transactions and basic monthly, quarterly & annual accounting reports.

ITF263 Tax Clearance Certificate

Processing of ITF263 tax clearance certificates for new businesses and businesses that have just recently started to trade.

Don’t wait until its too late to register for tax.

Doing business without registering and paying taxes is a crime according to Zimbabwean law. Tax evasion can cost a business greatly causing it to go down under. It can also result in the directors of the company being arrested. Running away from the taxman is not a good way of doing business.

Most companies will not work with a business that does not have a valid tax clearance certificate. Even those that do deduct 10% of your invoice value if you don’t have a tax clearance certificate. Imagine that you have pitched your product and the client is interested. You have invested a lot of time and resources to win this client and they are now ready to make an order. But before they do they need your tax clearance first. Sounds familiar? It is. Don’t let that be you, register for taxes and get tax clearance for your company today!

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The requirements for tax registration for a PBC or PLC

The requirements for registering a business for tax and obtaining a tax clearance in Zimbabwe are as follows:

  • Certified copies of company papers.
  • Certified copies of directors’ IDs.
  • Proof of residence for every director (attach affidavit if proof is not in director’s name).
  • Directors’ email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Current bank statement of the company.
  • Current personal bank statement of one of the directors.
  • Up to date tax payments for already trading companies.
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Procedure for registering for tax in Zimbabwe

The procedure for obtaining tax clearance in Zimbabwe is as follows:

  • Option 2 (a bit more complicated):  Register with ZIMRA, obtain a BP number, submit all required documentation, pay the tax due on your company and apply for a tax clearance certificate.

Ready to make your company tax compliant?

Begin the tax registration or process by providing your details, requirements and making your payment online or at our offices. ecocash, telecash and bank trasfer

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