When registering a business in Zimbabwe the first step is to figure out what type of business you would want to incorporate under. You have to decide between a Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd) or a Private Business Corporation. It is important to understand the differences between a PBC (Private Business Corporation) and a Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd) and the table below provides some information in this regard.

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Private Business CorporationPrivate Limited Company
Mainly meant for small to medium businessesMainly meant for medium to large businesses
Can accommodate sole tradersOnly accommodates 2 or more people
Has a legal persona of its own apart from its ownersHas a legal persona of its own apart from its owners
Has perpetual successionHas perpetual succession
Can have a maximum of 20 directorsCan have a maximum of 50 directors
Members are the same as shareholders or ownersShareholders are owners and can be different from the directors
Companies cannot be shareholders or hold a member’s interest in a PBC, only individuals can be membersBoth companies and individuals can be shareholders in a PLC
Comprised of membersComprised of directors and shareholders
Has an incorporation statement and bylawsHas a certificate, memorandum, articles, CR6 and CR14
Articles of association are not requiredRegistered articles of association
Does not require annual return to be lodgedAnnual returns are compulsory
Has member’s contributionsHas share capital
Has an accounting officerHas an auditor
Annual general meeting not requiredAnnual general meeting is required
Members hold member’s interestShareholders hold shares
Can purchase a member’s interestCan acquire its own shares under certain circumstances
Members are responsible for the day to day management of the PBCDirectors are responsible for the day to day management of the company
No register of members is requiredRegister of members is required
Offers limited liability to its ownersOffers limited liability to its owners
No financial statements neededAudited financial statements
No prohibition on a PBC to provide financial assistance for the acquisition of a member’s interestProhibition on a company to provide financial assistance for the acquisition of its own shares

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