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To register a funeral parlour in Zimbabwe requires several steps. These include incorporating the company in Zimbabwe, registering with ZIMRA, NEC, NSSA, ZAFA and IPEC depending on whether you are a funeral service provider or a funeral assurer. Below are requirements and the procedure to register a funeral parlour in Zimbabwe.

How to register a Funeral Service Company and a Funeral Assurance Company


1. Register your company as a PLC

Register your company as a Private Limited Company.


2. Get license from city council

Apply for a license from the local Council.


3. Register with IPEC (applicable to funeral assurers)

Register with IPEC if you want to be a funeral assurer.

IPEC Requirements

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of license
  • A fee of $2 million


4. Register with the Zimbabwe Association of Funeral Assurers

Register with the Zimbabwe Association of Funeral Assurers (ZAFA) for accreditation.

ZAFA requirements

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of license from city council
  • Shore room
  • A fee of $150 a month (applicable to funeral service providers)
  • Proof of IPEC membership (applicable to funeral assurers)


5. Register with NSSA

Get NSSA registration for pension and workers compensation insurance and help with monthly returns.


6. Register with ZIMRA

Register with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority or get or tax services.


7. Register with NEC

Get NEC registration for improved work relationships. However, it is the Ministry of Labour that sum up the information and allocates your company to the correct NEC where your business belongs.

Need help registering a funeral parlour in Zimbabwe?

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