Are you planning on starting a telecom company in Zimbabwe? This article will take you through the stages, provide you the requirements and the organisations that you need to fully register your telecom company. 


1. Register a telecom company as a Private Limited Company

  • The first stage is to register and incorporate your telecom company. This will need to be registered as a Private Limited Company. Simply visit the link and click on begin registration. 


2. Apply for a shop license

  • The second stage is to apply for a shop licence with the licensing authority.


3. Apply for a company bank account


4. Register with POTRAZ

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) is the regulatory authority of Zimbabwe’s postal and telecommunications sector. POTRAZ is mandated to create awareness on the role of the postal and courier services sector and their contribution to the social and economic development of Zimbabwe. It is important to register your telecom company with POTRAZ and get a licence. The following is a procedure on how to register with POTRAZ:

  • Visit POTRAZ offices or download a registration form at
  • Provide certified copies of Certificate of Incorporation and CR14 list of directors.
  • Issue proof of residence of one of the directors. (original or certified copy)
  • Provide certified copies of National Identity.
  • The applicant shall provide a detailed project proposal for the Private Network.

The project proposal shall include the following:

  1. Company background/Profile
  2. Justifications for requiring a Private Network instead of using Public Licensed Operators
  3. Description of the service
  4. Nature and purpose of the service to be provided by the Private Network. (Data, Voice Video, etc., speeds (Kbps)
  5. The area of operation of the proposed private network.
  6. Full details of the premises where the network will be installed.
  7. Technical information
  8. A detailed description of all technical aspects of the private network
  9. A configuration of the proposed private telecommunications network.
  10. Drawings /Network topology.
  11. Equipment to be used by the applicant

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